02 August 2011

I 'like' Foursome

The Sentinel from The Matrix Trilogy

The 'Sentinel' are not firing very accurately and low on sparks.- swap to a pair of higher output replacement

28 July 2011

1 + 1 = 4

These are bloody-hard to get right,
One points fires two cylinders ...
... now, where the heck is my manual ...

27 July 2011

To cure a-Flu

Project Retro has been having this bad flu for many many months and think it's the swine-Flu I supposed. Well it's time to cure -

- Some landed genuine NoS -

-- 70's tech with the overhead cams --

-- the 'Hump' pistons --

-- De-'cholesterol'-izing --

A solo-Time

During the long weekend, took the project retro and having myself some solo-time off - .. Stop-by here to have some bites and flip a few pages of that day's paper

06 June 2011

aFUNday film

another shorts from aFUNday film -
'yippee-ai-ay found his moJo'

25 April 2011

My buddy's new ride..

A very very limited edition unit ..,
.. and very very quick on Tarmac ...

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18 March 2011

17 March 2011

Flying saucer

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16 March 2011


After months and months of searching and thousand of bucks been deducted from the cards and suddenly have many friends from the postal service and indirectly been added by 50 ++ people on FB account...,
A large portion of the parts has arrived. Mostly are 'NoS' and a little bit of reproductions. Let's say a ratio of 90-10.

Many many many many parts will be and has been changed.

Time for the major clean up and assembly time .....

** ignore the jug and the glass in the pic, it's actually for chivas., and not for assembling on the CB **

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It's been months since I last posted any update on the Project CB.

Here is the frame., sand-blasted ... and ready for paint.

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27 February 2011

Even non moving will cost you

It's been months .., 9.5 months to be exact.
That's how long I didn't move the XJR-SP.

Last Friday was a bright night with stars twinkling so I decided to bring it for a run.
A 100miles high speed short run actually.

First off - battery busted., so need a jump to make it breath again.

Second - it dies off when I downshifting with clutch in.
... but in constant speed, it runs fine with a little bit of lag .., a 0.05sec lag to be exact.
Suspect culprit - the plugs.

The last I changed was a titanium series and they cost me some dough.

So, bought myself some iridiums this time to replace those titaniums.
A more better and more precise firing.

Now., the SP ran beautifully.

$$Spent - more or less $100 deduct labor.
Mileage - 100 miles
Workshop hours - 1.3 incl dismantling of tank
Fun factor - 95%

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22 January 2011


.. a shorts by aFUNday film ....

10 January 2011

Miss the set-junction, .. but head on ...

After the break, we pushed-on.
We were supposed to turn in a designated junction to do a short-cut to Keningau,
.. but the 'lead-bike' was so fast .., and overshot the turn-in junction for the short-route.

To turn back, it'll take a longer time, 
so, we push forward instead of backwards and use another beautiful scenic route ..


29 November 2010

The Nasi-kandar stop ..

Everytime if we passed by this route, the boys wanted to stop by this 'gerai' to have some food or break.
The food here is absolutely lousy/bad !!.. and it's expensive too....,

2 dishes at $ XX amount.
3 dishes also at $XX amount ...

if you mixed twenty dishes on rice and put curry all over ....
.. it's gonna be at $XX amount also !!...

.. well, guessed it's located just by the road side..., so it's bleedy convenient.., i supposed

.. time checked - 0900hrs
.next stop - Keningau via Crockers ..