30 September 2009

Day 2 - 2300hrs, Cold

The wind is blowin' so strong, followed by heavy rain .., weather changed and the temperature been droppin' and droppin' ..

Day 2 - 2115hrs, Fillin' Up, Beers & Food

general meeting/discussion : whether its time to flip or not ..

mr safety tank couldn't stand. 'Whallop' some instant noodles first ..

many beers around. Some are still 'hiding' in boxes awaiting their turn to be pop open ...

Day 2 - 2045hrs, Beer & BBQ 4212.6FT ASL

Man of the year in several countries: Japan, HongKong, Australia, Taiwan, France, Italy ..Biker JW laid out some 'meat' on the tray and do some BBQ, Aussie's style ...
Help out by Mr iLoveU and Mr Slowdance.

Day 2 - 2000hrs, Firestarter

Day 2 - 1930hrs, more bull and cock

Bikes clean, weather gettin' cooler, bar-b-q pit been set up at the balcony, time for more bull and cock talk ...

29 September 2009

Day 2 - 1815hrs - 1915hrs, Second Hiccup

Biker ED has been disqualified from the Moto-GP (read on the comment column), he decided to redo his rear fender for another moto GP race on the mountain. This time with a re-do fender and 'The double ducks flappin' systems'

Day 2 - 1800hrs