27 February 2011

Even non moving will cost you

It's been months .., 9.5 months to be exact.
That's how long I didn't move the XJR-SP.

Last Friday was a bright night with stars twinkling so I decided to bring it for a run.
A 100miles high speed short run actually.

First off - battery busted., so need a jump to make it breath again.

Second - it dies off when I downshifting with clutch in.
... but in constant speed, it runs fine with a little bit of lag .., a 0.05sec lag to be exact.
Suspect culprit - the plugs.

The last I changed was a titanium series and they cost me some dough.

So, bought myself some iridiums this time to replace those titaniums.
A more better and more precise firing.

Now., the SP ran beautifully.

$$Spent - more or less $100 deduct labor.
Mileage - 100 miles
Workshop hours - 1.3 incl dismantling of tank
Fun factor - 95%

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