31 December 2009

McQueen Holiday

Happy Holidays Folks.. A Merry McQueen New Year 2010.

..and I would like to share this with you, rumours been spreading like H1N1-disease, but they seem to be gathering steam the last couple weeks. There is serious talk of Pitt playing cool-Mcqueen in a biopic scheduled for 2010....

I can't wait for this ...

Triumph 37

That's Bruce flying-high on the cover of Vanity fair while Robbie 'idle' for a shot for his album cover.
Look closely ..., they are using the same Triumph eh?

30 December 2009


The term "Harley Hummer", loosely refers to all antique, Harley Davidson, American made, 2 cycle , vintage, lightweight motorcycles produced between 1948 and 1966 at the Milwaukee, Wisconsin factory. However, technically speaking , the true "Harley Hummer" was only produced from 1955 until 1959, and it was a very basic, stripped down, no frills, 125cc motorcycle. Read more Here :

This one was taken at Singapore Changi Airport [thanks J.Li-the-future-Harley owner for the pics], displayed at a cosmetic counter. I wonder why. Non affiliated and non similarity at all.
Thnk I am gonna purchase a tube of facial-cleanser and will probably get the bike for free..

24 December 2009

Cool-Bud around the world ..


Giorgio sent me some pics. He 'owned' a cool blog-site on those cafe-racers (..I like..).
Check em' out here...

Thanks Giorgio ..., burn some of em' rubbers ..

21 December 2009

Cool-Bud around the world ..

An email from a friend, a cool bike-builder ..

" hello and greetings from the Noortheastern USA.
your bikes are very clean and that's a good thing. feel free to send some 'in progress' build pictures and your shop/workspace. I look forward to seeing them. here's some pics of my garage 'workshop.'
best wishes to you for a happy and healthy 2010! and, look forward to your words.
F I M "

** Check him out, view his cool bikes , Enjoy them here ... **

Thanks for the pics and linked-up dude ...


... his work place

... work place and bike bike bike

.. his new project - A KZ .., yeah!!

.. chop chop ..

... chop chop chop ...

The Mule ( 2003)

Kinger (2006)

No.3 (2008)