31 August 2009

The Motorcycle Diaries

A biopic about the journey and memoir of the then 23 year old Ernesto Guevera, before he became the famous revolutionary Che Guevera. The film recounts the 1952' journey of him and his mate Alberto Granado on a Norton 500 across South America ... A beautifully made film.

27 August 2009

On Any Sunday

"On Any Sunday" - I can watch this 1972 flick over and over again .., from the director who brought you one of the first and most influential 1966 surf documentary/movie - "The Endless Summer".
It's been credited as one of the best and most important motorcycle documentary. The film follows the lives of motorcycle racers and its enthusiasts.

Mr Steve 'Cool' McQueen along with Mert Lawwill, M Smith and other racers from the late 60's and early 70's are in it..

Full with bikes from that era !!

Freak it, Let's Spent it !!

Spending money when you have them is a dream.., especially if spending it wisely on food, pay fees, credit card bills and other misc bills that are still outstanding before the bank come and chase after you .., right? ... Sc!@w it !! F@#k Off !!.. Wrong !!

Well, that's what the rest of the boys are doing.. each and everyone!! I meant each of them bought themselves a new bike !! .. IN one Fre@#king month !!
Thats a street value of over a Hundred G's !! Read it right ~ Over $100G's !!!

JW trade his harley 1200L for a XJR1300
AL trade his XV for a Harley IRON 883
Muscle trade his MT01 for a FZ1
Nick got a FZ6
Mr T trade his XV for a FZ6
Douggy trade his GSx750 for a XJR1300
Spec K trade his FZ6 for a FZ1
Ed got a XV

.. and now thank god that I've snapped off my credit cards earlier ...

Project Cafe - Seat Pan

Seat pan done,for now. Need to do minor adjustment on the seat springs and pan bottom mounting. Completely hand-built from sheet metal after doing many templates for it.. Takes many hours, I am incorporating the rear tail lights into the rear section of the seat pan and running a detachable internal wires that can be easily take off/on.

25 August 2009

Tues Nite Ride

Tuesday night ride, light drizzle, cool night, 7 riders ... Good ride ..

-- Post From Retro's iPhone

Test 2 - Mobile Post

Posting another test shot and it's posting from my celly...
Posting another test shot and it's posting from my celly...

Test- Mobile Post

Testing yet another software-
Testing yet another software I installed on my cellphone

My Pete Mate's Max 2

It's a test post, just trying out and fooling around with multiples software that I've just installed..-- Post From iPhone

My Pete Mate's Max

Posted by ShoZu

24 August 2009

Preppin' for the Upcoming Road Trip

Clutch 'o' ring leaks - done
Front fork oil contaminated - changed
Fork seal, Dust cap leaks - changed
Carb intake boot 4 pcs cracked - changed
Carb rough idling - balanced and synchronised
Front brakes spongy - bled

Mr T got himself a new Tank

The Itch.

Time: 11:15pm
.. the itch is still there. Thought it'll be gone by now but it's still there.
But it is also that time of the year again, .. " The Hungry Ghost month" - the 7th Lunar month of Chinese Calendar (check here).
The old philip cd player in the room is on some ZZ Top tunes.. That jacket is hanging on my left, right above the quarter shell. Those Gloves is just right beside me, also left ... parallel with the Mac that I am looking at,.. on the table.
Took a quick glance at my old wristwatch again .. It's exactly 45 more minutes to midnight ... should I or shouldn't I ? .......

23 August 2009

The Great Escape

For my buddies and to those who haven't watch this McQueen movie, go out there and get yourself the DVD. Its worth your money. Again, Mr Cool himself is riding the 'unknown' grey bike. The so-called unknown-grey- bike is actually a Triumph!! Just look at him 'runnin' on full speed being chased by german soldiers on bikes and some with side cars are a real treat to the eyes and motorcycle fans. Machine guns trottin' rat-tatt-tatt and he made that 10-footer-jump on the Triumph near the swiss border !!! Lovely !!! ..
Now .., where did I saw that ad of an Old triumph for sale before? ...., I need to think hard ...