24 October 2009

Project Retro - Scrap Cap to cover

Its been a while, here's another update on the project. After the chop-chop and a dozen or so of anti-coro, found a pair of scrap-cap from one of the many storage-toolbox. Out came the files and file them to fit and cover up the open and exposed rear end of the frame to tidy them up.

23 October 2009

What's the delivery ...

the 'cool' sticker on the side of the envelope ..

Somethin' came in today, some cool-tees... the courtesy of a friend, Smokin' Mike from Germany.
Hot Rod freaks that roam around and scared-the-freaks out of everyone in Munich with their low-down-to-the-tarmac Hot Rods. Check 'em out

Thanks again Mike for the cool tees ...

18 October 2009

After Ride, Dirty Bikes ...

Sunset on top of the hill

Sunset view ..

D.D.W - Damn Dirty Weekend ..

try this killer downhill ...

catching some 'breath' before another downhill ..

double descending ...

I called this the 'defeated' hill ..

'Gone case' - been defeated.

A 'Damn Dirty Weekend'.
Took a ride with Pete and Biker J around the pylon trail today. Its wet, its muddy and its dangerous with all the ups and downs of the slopes. Add on a continuous light drizzle ..
Be Prepared for slides and skids.

11 October 2009

Some 'Dirt' in the stable ...

: the part of earth's surface consisting of humus and disintegrated rock ~
: the state of being covered with unclean things ~

but this 'dirt' is covered with RFVC-single cylinder, alu pro-link arms, rally alu levers, maier guards and bash plate, Knobby tires and it's Fun to play with.

10 October 2009

Look what's in the delivery again ...

After much anticipation, here comes what I wanted. They arrived at the right time as I've finished up my Leanings 1. So here are they, books from my fav 'real' writer Mr Egan and The tech-guru, Kevin Cameron. I am gonna have 'good' time in that fav chair of mine ...

05 October 2009

Day 3 - 1155hrs, How the king was born ...

First hiccup on day 3. Roadside wet grass and pond-ing water.
Silly mistake and a very minor slide.

Damage involved :
Right front signal and its casing ($30),
scratch oil-pump cover (polish back)
and slight bent rear brake foot lever ($73).
Other than that, all as good as new.

Thats how the 'Grass'-king was born ...

Lucky bastard

Day 3 - 1100hrs, Downhill ..

some downhill vid ...

Day 3 - 1035hrs, 'Jap-look' rider ...

.. suddenly a Black harley came and parked beside us.
His face looks very familiar, very jap-looking, very jap-artist.
We couldn't remembered where we've seen him before. He never introduce himself, he just kept quiet and gave us a friendly 'nod'.

Then we recalled,
he is that Famous star/artist that kept 'sparring' with maria ozawa (google it) in all those japanese 'classic'.


Day 3 - 1015hrs - 1030hrs, More Pics ..

Everyone of us, very hesitate to move. All try their very best to delay the time from making the trip downhill. Givin' many excuses like picture takin' and stuffs ...

Day 3 - 1000hrs, A quick Photo session .

Day 3 - 0945hrs, Downhill Journey

After the breakfast (free), it's time to pack up and get ready to leave this wonderful place. The weather is pretty 'risky' as we can see the dark clouds are gathering. Its downhill, and we wouldn't wanna do-it with heavy rain and wet tarmac. Decided to a quick re-fuel nearby and ..let's head downhill ....