31 May 2010

Good Night ... have a safe journey ..

Another Cool character that brought us many good movies as an actor and director 'leave' to continue his 'journey' on a cool motorcycle ...

.. have a safe journey ....

..andy warhol painting of him ..

.. he who directed the cult 'easy rider' ..

..with peter fonda and jack nicholson .. 'easy rider'

.. as 'billy' in easy rider ...

.. in 'hell ride' ..

.. good night, mr Hopper.

20 May 2010

Miri City Bike Week - May 2010 : Retro-Electro

After scoot-ing around the venue,
these bunch are the ones that made every damn drop of gasoline juice and my trip worth it!!..

... I want One EACH. .. send them to my garage..

18 May 2010

.. For you,.. Mr Andrew 'McGregor'

for you ....

for you .....

this R1200, for you ...

for you ......

.. and this is definitely for you too ...

Miri City Bike Week - May 2010 - Phone-Dealing

Duck for Sale
Good Condition
Lotsa History,
Been race by Agostini and Hailwood
Owner retiring forces sale ...
2k or best offer.

Black : "Halo, Halo .., you hap the Ducati selling cheap-cheap? I very the interested"

White : " Oh yea, righty mate. Been wanted to sell it off as I have a garage full of other exotic bikes. I am retiring anyway.., and my hairs' retiring too.
Not much comfort to put on a FullFace Helmet,
You interested mate?

Black : "Ya.. Where you now??"

White: " I am walkin' towards you mate"

Black : " Hol don, Hol don .. just a minit,
I want 'runding' the pricing with you first.

And also want know everythin of the Duck.
Condision good?
ber-Rim Sport

If all also hap and cheap-cheap .. I Buy"

White : "Mate, its standard solid wheels and if you considered that as a sport wheels,
ber-Tarbo? .., don't know what the heck is that.
but I am sellin' cheap....."

Black : " I dont want cheap..., I want cheap-cheap,
so? ber-Tarbo???"

White : "........................????"

Pipe Dude :
"Well White, First of all cheap means cheap.
If they come with double saying as in 'Cheap-Cheap', that means they want it extremely cheap or for Free."

"Runding means negotiate, but in their case, it means I have no money"

"ber-rimsport means does the bike have sport wheels?"

"ber-tarbo means does the bike have Turbo?"

"ber-rodtax means is the bike road legal or have valid tax?"

" they always asked question startin' with a 'Ber' and end with question mark ...."

"!@$#$$%%$%^^^&&^, ... forget about him White., I'll take the Duck-Off you"