25 January 2010

Solo-man happy hour, Kuala Lumpur

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23 January 2010

The Tattoo of Mr Ed

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15 January 2010

Jolly turns Moody

Its been pissin' for the past 4 days, non-stop.
It ain't no ordinary piss .., this is the real thing.
Trees up-rooted, vehicles over-turned, drains filled-up and most of the places.., flooded.

Riding?.. forget it for now.
No matter how hard-core we are.., there are some safety issues we have to look into if we really wanted to fire-up the bike...

As for now, I am writing this, having a cig and staring at the bikes in the garage at the same time ..

.. need to get myself a jet-ski if the pissin' continue .....

I'll leave you with some tunes for now ... Get them -----> HERE ( enjoy!)

12 January 2010

Happy Monday

Happy Monday Pte Ltd....
Cruising speed ~ 200km/h
Riding speed ~ 200km/h

.... but our Agreed speed ~ 80km/h ....

10 January 2010

Happy Monday Mr 'McGregor'

.. i am imagining, i, myself squeezin' the throttle ..

The mr 'in-between' bikes has really been in-between for a long time now. The last time that I can recall was before the year 2000.
If my maths is still good, ... that would be a decade ago.

the wait is over,
the sun has shined after a decade of rain,
the hell freezes over,
no more lonely nights,
no more sleepless in seattle,
no more all out of love,
... no more... NO more !!

Call me Gregor .... Andrew 'McGregor' ..

Lane- split Moto-X

The XLR rear brake has been feeling 'spongy' for a while now, not until last few days, it just gave-up.
Right at the moment after I did some lane-splittin' and wanted to stop for the lights.... ....!#$%^& ...
Semi-squeeze the front brake, clutch in ... drop drop drop drop gears (its a 6-speed).. let it skid at it's first and ... just stop before the lights.

.. its really time, to change now .... heh

08 January 2010

Look what's in the delivery ...

Some great stickies from a cool friend arrived today. Thanks Kim !!
Check out his great 'machine-hand-job' here .....

07 January 2010

First Ride, New Year 2010

Been 7 days passed since the Twenty-Ten.
I haven't been really on a two-wheel as some other 'diversions' has led me into concentrating on them.
I have also been 'neglecting' the 'axe-jay' and it has been sitting idling since the road-trip, waiting patiently, without complaining, for me to fire it up again.

The 'Pack' called up for a special ride tonight, its so special because Biker JW got himself another two-wheel tornado and wanted to 'test-power'.

I, on the other hand, might as well take this opportunity to fire the neglected-bike up and blast off the cob-web ....

..now ., where did I put the key for this unit ....

02 January 2010

Church of Choppers & FTWRide

Church of Choppers



It's an honor to have been invited by Jeff from CoC and FTWCo to write and contribute to their FTWRide site. I'll be covering this FTWRide sector and will be throwing in some news, rides and events around this region and maybe South East Asia whenever I can. Thanks again to Jeff and keep burning those rubber's !!

See you guys and gals here and there ...
Yea !!!