09 April 2010

Moe, Larry & Curly Fri-nite ride

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08 April 2010

Midnight Solo

0215hrs, weather's fine.
After a-smoke, put on my riding gears, start up 'Project Tour' and went out for a solo-midnight ride.

Stop by a 24hrs coffee stall just in time for the Man U, Bayern Munich 2nd leg kick-off.

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03 April 2010

Not forgettin' the stickies too ....

Cool stickies from WRA too ...

Tees, Tees, Tees ....

Received a few cool tees from a WRA ,
Thanks Dude ....

02 April 2010

Mr 'McGregor' rides away ....

.. this is riding, Andrew 'McGregor' style ...

.. Andrew and Miss Hond

.. com'on boys, lets do the 'jiggy' ..

both 'McGregor's bike

Andrew 'McGregor' finally 'swept' off Miss Hond from my hand today. Promised her that he will continue to do the 'jiggy' to her every morning.
I can see the BIG smile from Andrew's face the minute he kick-started it..,
it's like saying .. "hell ya!.., this the one for me" ..."

..enjoy dude, ride safe, ride often ..