26 September 2010

Rage against the machine II

An 'SOS' text has been sent out, 
wanna test run 'Project Retro', the 32years 'machine' for a 300kms 'run, on it's reliability and to check for hiccup ...

.. meeting point will be 0530hrs on top of a familiar fly-over, feel free to tag along ...

- some buddies 'heard' it and show up earlier,.. waiting ...before the sunrise...

- we ride on, with sun rising at our back -

.. first coffee break at a 'retro'-cafe ...

.. make-shift basin ..

.. and a make-shift toilet ...

.. this is where your 'discharge' probably flow ...

.... Below are the buddies that showed up and ride along...
... and we had a bleedy 'crackling' time .....

Thanks buddies !!! .. till next time...

.. after the run., only some minor sepage from the left hand side cylinder head, 

note - need to tighten the bolt to torque.

Rage against the Machine ..

Project Retro..,
.. gonna take some bashin' in a few hours,
 gonna run a 300++Km straight ...
.. this is a 32 years old 'metal' and has been a run-around machine around the city road for me all these while...

.. sepultura, rage against the machine, godsmack, silverchair tunes for this 'run' ...

don't let me down.., brader ......

'senor' Cabana

A few buddies tellin' me how good the Tacos at this place.., went to check it out tonight and I happened to know a few of the owners .., 

.. had one myself .., and a 'pull'-tea at another outlet ..,

17 September 2010

What would you do ..?

Tonight weather seems urforgivin' .., 
started rainin' after I've prepped the bike and gettin' ready for a 'run' ...
.. gettin' heavier by the minute...

.. well., at least i have somethin' thats related to the 'machine'.

pop it in, pop corn ready .. and here goes ...

.." if you're Ben Tyler.. sitting across from your doctor, and been told that you has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and in its fourth and final stage. 
With a 10% chance of survival and likely two years to live, and your doctor recommends that you go into treatment immediately to give yourself the best odds, ....
...... what would you do ...?

I know this definitely gonna be a good-one ...

12 September 2010

Some Paste

Hang around JW's shed with some buddies ..,
while JL is busy with JW .., 
.. I squeezed meself some paste and do some rubbin' ..

Sexy 'Heart'

The 'heart' of the machine ...

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More .. More stickies ..

These, from the cool chap of the 70moto ...

.. Hell Yeah !!!

.. Salute dude !!

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Stick stickies ..

Stick, stickies, stick stick from Mike Dude...,
Cheers .., and keep em' rollin' ...

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11 September 2010

Strippin' & Slidin'

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JL dress up

JL got some new goods,
dress up and protect.

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08 September 2010

Another one jump in

AwgKu35 just jump in the 'Rabbit Hole' and got himself a New toy.

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The Endless Summer

This just came in today ..,
from Bruce Brown, the one who gave you McQueen On Any Sunday ..

... gonna pop it in and have my own.., 1968 Endless Summer ..

07 September 2010

More Stickies !

Another Stacks to add-on to the others that I have.
These are sent to me by A cool dude from LOM - Brasil.
.. the land of the world greatest 'banana curve-Free Kick' and the sexy-samba !!!

Thanks Lobo .... ride on !!

05 September 2010

Someone's first Project

..sexy, sexy ...

.. this is what it's all about ..

..it's 4-Keihin's ..!!

After months of sourcing, I ve managed to score a project bike for a buddy of mine. He would like to make his hand greasy and slice off some knuckle's skin of his. Tryin to leave some sort of 'battle scars'.

With that sexy 'curve-side-way' headers, only one bike can get it right and precise. Managed to source this piece of 'legend' for him.

And now buddy, do me proud...., have a blast and welcome to the Retroman's club,.. officially..... Heh.

02 September 2010

BWN-BKI-SDK-BKI-BWN .. DAY 2 ( SDK, Chillin' ..)

WHO said NO Parking, HUH !!
BikeMonkies explaining our routes to a FAN of his ..