25 November 2009

Look What I've Got ...

I've got a new book..
Someone went abroad recently and bought this one for me.
That's a very nice thought of you..
Thanks M.

I have gotta catch up on my reading of all the other books that just arrived too ....

...too many books, too little time ...

11 November 2009

Sons of Anarchy Season 1

Yeah, I know..
Season 1 is long gone and currently in The US, they are on Season 2 - Episode 9.
Not bad for a TV series, semi violence, lots of swearing ..
Mr HellBoy is in the series too ...

If outlaw biker-gang is your kinda thing .., put on your leathers, sit on your fav sofa, grab a beer and follow their 'journey' of firearm-dealings and territory snatching ...

09 November 2009

The Stig on his Bud's Iron

(pic taken from biker AL's blog)

The Stig is at it again,
This time he is testing his bud's Iron.
cool bike, minimum chrome-werk, black-out, fuel injected, couldn't find any 'Harley' logo except a very small one on front fork gaitors.

Look what's in the delivery ...

Peter Egan :
Leanings 2 - done,
Side-Glances - No,

Kevin Cameroon
Top Dead Center - No

Those are from my previous delivery ..

... and now came another two ...

Hell's Angel - Hunter S. Thompson
- about the wild-style of the infamous biker gang - Hell's Angel

China Road - Rob Gifford
- a journey into China where he met with all-walks-of-life ....

Someone got an 'itchin' body

That someone who just let-go his Yam-1600 cruiser is lookin' into this sexy-DUKE, Very 'Motard' and very affordable .... it 'might' just happen !! ...

Wet Undies Again ...

I swore to myself never again .., NEVER AGAIN to have some wet-cotton wrapped around that lower section of the human body. But somehow, it just have to happen, or I should say.., just waiting to happen.
It always felt like a million ants running around the 'front' portion,
while the 'back' portion.., a million ants are doing their ritual-biting feast.

Went out for a solo on the scoot (friend pass-over to do some minor repair and parts changing).
After changing some spark-ling new plug, new oil in the engine + new filter ...

Sky turning dark at the other end, a-look up at the sky to confirm,... probably another hour or so till the 'darkness' arrive. Grab the quarter-shell, a bandana and a riding-glasses and off I 'zoom'.

@#$%^*&* .. The rain came faster than the credit-card bills ..., have to stop at the halfway grocery-store for a chat, to wait for the heavy rain and its thunder companion to subside.

That Chat with the indian-chap who is running the store lasted for a good old 3 hours !!..
I even know what are his ancestors name and how many cows he had back in India !! ..

Can't wait any longer as from the way the rain poured, it'll probably never stop.

Get myself a green-disposable rain-suit (if you can actually called it a suit as it's made of those black-rubbish-plastic material), It's so Green that I actually looked like the incredible Hulk.

Fight the heavy downpour, reached home .., last counted, there are some extra and additional pore-holes on my face,...
..... from the bullet-speed rain drop.

Bud's New Bike, Nite light, One heckuva slow ride ..

As usual, I couldn't make it to the set venue/place for the particular night ride.
It's a Sat-nite, mostly on a Sat-nite, I'll do the solo.

But tonight I'll have to skip the solo-thing. The reason is because someone's got a new 'baby'.
It's a 'boy', I guessed...

Bring on the Cigar!!!!

Ed couldn't take the temptation anymore,
'shot' himself,
went and get himself a brand-new-spanking Yam- XJ6 ( totally given up his double-throttle-flapping-system idea on the old 1100) ( check previous posting)

Nearly midnight, met up with him, went for a break-in ride ...
.. Slow....

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