25 February 2010

Hot Rod

This one just 'came' into my hard disk today and I've watch the trailer.
It's funny,
it's about a man's dream ..,
.. and there are bikes in it.

" For his entire life, Rod Kimble
believed his father, now deceased, was a successful and respectable stuntman working for the Great Evel Knievel. He aspires to follow his father's footsteps and become a famous stuntman himself on Moped !!"

Watch it, it'll throw your blues out the windows ..

11 February 2010

No Sun, Snow Fun

Mike aka FlatironMike sent me these pics of him playin' with snow on his 'No.3'.
We don't get these weather here, at the other side of the pond.

.. I really wonder .., will it be like ridin' on dirt/mud ?

.. dig your goggles and jacket dude ...

02 February 2010

Look what's in the delivery ...

As promised,
Some stickies arrived today from A very very cool-dude.

Thanks JEFF ...