30 July 2009

Project Cafe - Problem panel DONE!

As you can see.., it's all nice,fine and finger lickin' good !!
Re-paint, re-graphic and re-write the 'bullet' on it.
Drill a hole on the top side just enough to slide and Route the fuel line into it and came out from the bottom. More cleaner 'look' than the fuel line dangling out directly from the petcock.

23 July 2009

Project Cafe - Side panel !@#$% !!

You can view at the top most pic that the left side panel has received a nice lick of paint and some cool graphics (pic 1)... when I try to mount it on back to its original position..., it cant be mounted on !!... M!@#F$%^ing hell!!.. I've forgotten that I have extended the petcock with an alu spacer and I am using a unit from XS.

Its my mistake that I overlooked this part of the rebuilt... I have to measure the 'hitting-point' properly and reshape the side panel (pic 2) so it can clear the petcock area. Paint gone.. graphics gone too.. but.., at this time.., I've decided that a portion of the fuel lines will also be route inside the panel so it'll be 'cleaner'.

blessing in disguise or a Blo$dy silly mistake...

22 July 2009

Project Cafe - Fuel Lines

Next up is to run the fuel lines, as you can see closely.., I am using a petcock from an XS. I need to modify the petcock for it to securely mount on the 'Bigger' tank. Machined out a single piece of aluminium adaptor with four holes. It cost me some Fr@#$kin' dough but what the heck.., its custom !! Heh... Two holes for the new XS petcock to mount on and another two to securely mount on the 'Big' tank. Run the fuel lines.., and wrapped them in white silicon tubing .. to match that lick of paint on the bike.

18 July 2009

Night Ride, Wet Underwear

Its been raining at night very often. Been having this weather for quite a while now. But the boys couldnt stand it any longer without any outing or riding. They've decided... rain or shine.... whatever it is... even if its dogs and cats .... riding still on ....
well.., night ride, wet underwear.

13 July 2009

Project Cafe - Tank up ...

The tank is up and I like it. Engine is up there too. Rearsets are fabulous, machined and mounted on as per my riding position. New straight bar, new grip, new levers, sprockets and chain, wiring in a mess but will rewire them soon.. so far so good.

12 July 2009

Project Retro - Stripped Down

.. as mentioned in my previous post, I did mentioned of taking up another project. Well, here it is.., the 'Project Retro".
Stripped down work started. Taking off the tank, fenders, panels and most important.., those stupids tour boxes at the rear section of the bike.

11 July 2009

Happy Birthday Dude!

(pics nicked from AL blog)

... another year has gone by, grow older by another year but I am not very sure whether 'the kid' inside me will grow together with my age, heh.
Greetings came from all families and friends locally and abroad and I would like to say a BIG Thank you to all of you.

Thanks M for the box of RLE
Thanks AL for the Pics
Thanks JW for the Cool vest
Thanks Ti for that Surprise
Thanks K.E for that self drawn card

Thank you and Thank you..... and now.., what shall I get for myself on this day of mine ....

09 July 2009

Project Retro - WRONG addictives

project retro update ::
I believe those carbs are very dirty as the tick-over is non stable at all. Been fiddling around with the 'air-fuel' mixture knob but to no avail. The thought of purchasing a bottle of cleaning addictive to pour in the fuel tank will get the job done. ie:: clean those carbs ::
Addictive purchased, pour it in the tank, start up the bike first time. Yeah...
cut-off the engine, re-start it.... crank... crank... crank... it wont work.
Look at the addictive's bottle again... !@#$% it's for fuel injections engine with OCTANE BOOSTER !!!...
Plugs wet, no-firing ,... @#$%... smart arse!
Now, I have to drain the bloody tank dry to put in new fuel...

08 July 2009

Goodbye my friend .....

..remember that I post that I've got an old ride (classic ride). Done some work on it. Had some fun and good times cruising in it. At least it will leave me with some memories.., about owning it, fiddling with it, crusing in it ......
Now it has found a new home and I hope the new owner will take good care of it. Enjoy it .. and most of all ... enjoy cruising in it ... as I did.

goodbye my friend .... thank you for the good times ...

Project Cafe - Semi Assembled

Project Cafe has been semi assembled. As you can see here, the engine, front rear wheels, handlebar and front light housing has been 'up' on the frame. The original rear brake and gear shifter has been ditch and I opt for a pair of rearset. Strengthening and bracing the swingarm just to mount the rearset. Cost me quite some amount to 'machine' the arms up just for the rearset. But HEY !!, Look at them.. I Dig those aluminium rearset!!

Tunes for the day ::
when i see you smile - Bad English
price of Love - Bad English
don't walk away - Bad English
time stood still - Bad English

~don't blame me, in the mood for some mellow tunes, heh~

06 July 2009

New-New Guy Got A New-New Ride

From This :
:: to THIS

The new-new man is not so new anymore.
He has traded his iron with a newer and more powerful unit. He quietly traded/sold off his old iron and has been keeping quiet all these while. The boys was asking him what he is going to get and his lips is pretty locked-up and not droppin' a single word..... Until NOW....
well, here it is ... His New Ride.- the 'sixteenhundred'

Test Ride - The 'REAL' STIG

Belong to a buddy of mine who wanted to sell it. Thought of givin' the sixteenhundred a Test-run before he let it go. The 'simpson' has been 'photoshop'-ed in to cover the identity of The Real STIG.

Iron used on Road Trip - Across Border

Road Trip - Across Border .. more shots 2

I have covered more than 250-Km's, average speed at 140-km/h, used up $10 bucks of Fuel, 5 sticks of fag, 2 glass of black coffee, pee-ed twice, blasted off the cob-web on the bike, took some photographs, insects on my Arai and ............ A Freakin' BIG smile on my face.

Road Trip - Across Border .. more shots

05 July 2009

Road Trip - Across Border

It's been a week I haven't been out on the open road. Been very busy with work that pay my bills and I have no time to ride at all. Last Tuesday, the boys been out for a night-ride and I cant make it due to some work commitment.
Today (Sunday), the boys are out for another long ride, start early in the morning and probably end in the evening. I Bloody still can't join them for this one as there are some work cropped up and to be arrange this morning.
Since I bloody cant ride for the whole week and can't join the boys for today's early ride, and I've been neglecting the other Iron in the stable. I've decided. If I can manage to finish up everything earlier this morning, I will go for a ride...., a longer ride..., a solo ride,...... ..........A Cross-Border Solo ride..... ..
before crossing the border

vehicle export declaration counter

Immigrations counter, passport stamping

Health check, temperature taken, H1N1 prevention

02 July 2009

Project Cafe - Swingarm, rearsets, brake switch..

Now you can see that the original huge and long rear brake pedal has gone in favor of a pair of rearset. To mount the rear set on, I have to reinforced the swing arm cos I am drilling some additional holes for the mounting positions. Furthermore, I'll be stepping on the rearsets thats gonna be bolt on to the swingarm. All of the mounting points, I have also inserted tubes from end to end and also make treads for the allen screws of the rearsets to bolt on. From the pics, you can see the original positions of the brake switch and the existing conditions of the swing arm. Exhaust also been mounted on, using back the ori exhaust but has been shortened by 6", resprayed in High-temp matt black leaving the tip chrome.