28 June 2009

Hell Ride

having a thought of not getting my hands and fingers cover with oil and grease today, I managed to dig in my old crates and found this bike flick movie. Clean it up a bit and pop it into the dvd player. Actually I kinda watched it sometime ago and fall asleep in between. What the heck, wanna give it another chance and maybe its reallly good? Presents by Mr Pulp Fiction himself, with Easy Rider Hopper, Bad Ass Vinnie Jones, Michael Madsen, ok ok and KungFu David Carradine involvement.., how can it go wrong, right? WRONG!!

Ok, from the beginning we know that its a B-Grade movie, similar style with all other Tarantino's GrindHouse films. Old style filming and directing. But this one has those wrong actors playing the wrong role. For example : we know L.Bishop is the writer, director,producer and etc.etc in this flick.., but him playing a character named Pistolero ? I think he 'act' too much in it to pretend to be one and why do he always have to move with his head 'pop' forward? Furthermore, he got a bad-hair in it.
To play the 'Taiko' character in this flick, I personally think M.Madsen should be Pistolero.

I dont wanna be a spoiler-arse, Get the DVD, open up your brain and take whatever is inside out, Sew it back, Pop the Dvd in the player and press the play button. You can treat it like the PC screensaver.., hear nothing.., only see bike pics flowing and moving across that Plasma of yours.... Not bad actually.

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