23 July 2009

Project Cafe - Side panel !@#$% !!

You can view at the top most pic that the left side panel has received a nice lick of paint and some cool graphics (pic 1)... when I try to mount it on back to its original position..., it cant be mounted on !!... M!@#F$%^ing hell!!.. I've forgotten that I have extended the petcock with an alu spacer and I am using a unit from XS.

Its my mistake that I overlooked this part of the rebuilt... I have to measure the 'hitting-point' properly and reshape the side panel (pic 2) so it can clear the petcock area. Paint gone.. graphics gone too.. but.., at this time.., I've decided that a portion of the fuel lines will also be route inside the panel so it'll be 'cleaner'.

blessing in disguise or a Blo$dy silly mistake...

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