09 July 2009

Project Retro - WRONG addictives

project retro update ::
I believe those carbs are very dirty as the tick-over is non stable at all. Been fiddling around with the 'air-fuel' mixture knob but to no avail. The thought of purchasing a bottle of cleaning addictive to pour in the fuel tank will get the job done. ie:: clean those carbs ::
Addictive purchased, pour it in the tank, start up the bike first time. Yeah...
cut-off the engine, re-start it.... crank... crank... crank... it wont work.
Look at the addictive's bottle again... !@#$% it's for fuel injections engine with OCTANE BOOSTER !!!...
Plugs wet, no-firing ,... @#$%... smart arse!
Now, I have to drain the bloody tank dry to put in new fuel...

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