05 July 2009

Road Trip - Across Border

It's been a week I haven't been out on the open road. Been very busy with work that pay my bills and I have no time to ride at all. Last Tuesday, the boys been out for a night-ride and I cant make it due to some work commitment.
Today (Sunday), the boys are out for another long ride, start early in the morning and probably end in the evening. I Bloody still can't join them for this one as there are some work cropped up and to be arrange this morning.
Since I bloody cant ride for the whole week and can't join the boys for today's early ride, and I've been neglecting the other Iron in the stable. I've decided. If I can manage to finish up everything earlier this morning, I will go for a ride...., a longer ride..., a solo ride,...... ..........A Cross-Border Solo ride..... ..
before crossing the border

vehicle export declaration counter

Immigrations counter, passport stamping

Health check, temperature taken, H1N1 prevention

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