27 August 2009

Freak it, Let's Spent it !!

Spending money when you have them is a dream.., especially if spending it wisely on food, pay fees, credit card bills and other misc bills that are still outstanding before the bank come and chase after you .., right? ... Sc!@w it !! F@#k Off !!.. Wrong !!

Well, that's what the rest of the boys are doing.. each and everyone!! I meant each of them bought themselves a new bike !! .. IN one Fre@#king month !!
Thats a street value of over a Hundred G's !! Read it right ~ Over $100G's !!!

JW trade his harley 1200L for a XJR1300
AL trade his XV for a Harley IRON 883
Muscle trade his MT01 for a FZ1
Nick got a FZ6
Mr T trade his XV for a FZ6
Douggy trade his GSx750 for a XJR1300
Spec K trade his FZ6 for a FZ1
Ed got a XV

.. and now thank god that I've snapped off my credit cards earlier ...


bikemonkies said...

we need you to complete our New Bike Formation...Please Up Grade!!!! otherwise can't sing with you all the way to KK....ding..ding..ding..On the road again...

Sean said...

err ... I think my kapcai will do its job well.... no need to upgrade ..
Just pour in more 2T's ...