14 September 2009

Here We come.., On the Road Again ..

Another few more days to the road-trip that everybody is waiting for. The anticipation, the preparations, the purchasing, the accessorise-ing, the ebay-ing, the upgrading has all now comes to an end (for now).
While I am here sittin' and typin' this with a fag dangling in between my lips, I believe some of them out there are still polishing and preppin' their bikes for the big day.

The group is gettin' bigger. It used to be only a handful of donkeys in it. Then there is a herd of buffaloes tag along > Then there are those occasional cows and moose that comes and goes.

Handful of Donkeys + Buffaloes Herd = Language Complications.

Language Complications + The Occasional Cows and Moose = Bigger Complications.
Bigger Complications = Conflicts = Competitions = A lot of suggestion (relevant & irrelevant)

Riding buddies are hard to come by, I meant those who are level-headed, same frequencies, those who really enjoy bikes kinda riding buddies.
So whats the fuss and who needs all these complications?

Forget about all issues, its not important at all. Grab your jackets, put on that pair of gloves, start that bike and have a good ride boys!!


bikemonkies said...

WHAT COMPLICATION..!!? never cross my MONKIE BRAIN...just ride on & never FxxK care all this Sxxt..

Jason said...

oooohhhh yeaahhhhhhhh! lets go baby!!!

Eh! can we have a theme song to play along the way to kk???

Have boy playing it on the lead Gold Wing!

Anonymous said...

its ole' long hair willie's tunes ~
"on the road again...."

retroman said...

its ole' long hair willie's tunes ~
" on the road againnnnn...."

bikemonkies said...

not this song again...i been listening this song many time already..

retroman said...

..well, that's my 'official' trip song..
if you like your milli vanilli..~ its fine with me dude..

Jason said...

I know the perfect song! "It's A Long Road", performed by Dan Hill, the theme song for "First Blood". wah! that brings back memories man!