13 September 2009

New Scoot in Town

The latest scoot imported by our favorite bike dealer. Only 3 countries in the world are given the rights to sell this model : Japan, Brunei and Taiwan. I have a chance to test ride it and it did produces lots of power from this tiny 'vespa' replica. At 100cc fuel-injected, maintainance will be at a longer interval and a snap of a finger. There is also a 'turbine' fan to cool down the running belt to prevent it from overheating, but a Kevlar belt upgrade will be better, of course. Twist that throttle, the engine will tell the rear wheel to spin and give you enough power to 'zip' around town and do some minor lane spiltting. With that Retro image from the bike, what you need is a half shell with leather cover, a goggle, put on that vintage jacket... It's time to Zoom.
-- Post From Retro's iPhone

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