21 December 2009

Cool-Bud around the world ..

An email from a friend, a cool bike-builder ..

" hello and greetings from the Noortheastern USA.
your bikes are very clean and that's a good thing. feel free to send some 'in progress' build pictures and your shop/workspace. I look forward to seeing them. here's some pics of my garage 'workshop.'
best wishes to you for a happy and healthy 2010! and, look forward to your words.
F I M "

** Check him out, view his cool bikes , Enjoy them here ... **

Thanks for the pics and linked-up dude ...


... his work place

... work place and bike bike bike

.. his new project - A KZ .., yeah!!

.. chop chop ..

... chop chop chop ...

The Mule ( 2003)

Kinger (2006)

No.3 (2008)

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