18 May 2010

Miri City Bike Week - May 2010 - Phone-Dealing

Duck for Sale
Good Condition
Lotsa History,
Been race by Agostini and Hailwood
Owner retiring forces sale ...
2k or best offer.

Black : "Halo, Halo .., you hap the Ducati selling cheap-cheap? I very the interested"

White : " Oh yea, righty mate. Been wanted to sell it off as I have a garage full of other exotic bikes. I am retiring anyway.., and my hairs' retiring too.
Not much comfort to put on a FullFace Helmet,
You interested mate?

Black : "Ya.. Where you now??"

White: " I am walkin' towards you mate"

Black : " Hol don, Hol don .. just a minit,
I want 'runding' the pricing with you first.

And also want know everythin of the Duck.
Condision good?
ber-Rim Sport

If all also hap and cheap-cheap .. I Buy"

White : "Mate, its standard solid wheels and if you considered that as a sport wheels,
ber-Tarbo? .., don't know what the heck is that.
but I am sellin' cheap....."

Black : " I dont want cheap..., I want cheap-cheap,
so? ber-Tarbo???"

White : "........................????"

Pipe Dude :
"Well White, First of all cheap means cheap.
If they come with double saying as in 'Cheap-Cheap', that means they want it extremely cheap or for Free."

"Runding means negotiate, but in their case, it means I have no money"

"ber-rimsport means does the bike have sport wheels?"

"ber-tarbo means does the bike have Turbo?"

"ber-rodtax means is the bike road legal or have valid tax?"

" they always asked question startin' with a 'Ber' and end with question mark ...."

"!@$#$$%%$%^^^&&^, ... forget about him White., I'll take the Duck-Off you"

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