13 July 2010

.. the Prep, finally ...

..front rJays, rear 'throwover' oxfords..,
both scored from JW's ..

It's been a hectic schedule @ work and been busy. There is not much time to pack or prepare anything except to 'prep' the Project Touring bike for this trip. Maybe a few pairs of Kleins, a pair of beat-up levi's and a pair of allstar will do for now ...
Not bringing the-xj for this trip as I wanted to try out the Project Touring. The bike are purposely built for trip like these ....

.. front shield has been polished and clean up from dead bugs, birds dung and dog's pee from previous road trip by SW

.. A-ha, these two items are a must-have.

1, road-trip-tunes on ipod for a whoppin' 24hrs on the road prepped and prepared by M,
Taken a peep at a few of the selection and I saw g'N'r, radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Depeche Mode ... , i know this is gonna be Good.
And, it's probably in order too, according to the hours and mood on the road ..,

I am not gonna 'tune-in' for now, save the tunes for the actual day.

2, and the other is ... the Cool 'Sigg' .. (google it..)
Preparation of both items by M

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