05 August 2010

.. btw, before I forget ...

Got two new 'read' from M , woohooo ...

"Don't ask any old bloke ..." tells how P.G.Tenzing, an IAS officer who dumped his cream-of-the-crop job, after 20 years, to do what he always wanted to do — get on his bike and kick off to a quirky ride across the country.
Tenzing took about a year to complete his journey. It was his way of reclaiming his freedom from the fetters of a job he “was never cut out for”. Criss-crossing through almost all the States and Union Territories, “without a pre-planned route or direction”, he traversed 25,320 kms. On the way, he encountered “numerous waiters and mechanics — fleeting human interactions and connections that seemed pre-ordained.” ..

.. and the other one is this, the sequel to 'By Any Means' ..

.. thanks M.

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