15 October 2010

1 man, 1 motobike, 1 Goal & 1 tan .....

This just came in today.., Good $hit ... and where's my 'bleedy' popcorn !!..

"Arctic Clutch is a humorous and challenging journey about one man motorbiking from Toronto, Canada to the Arctic Circle. There was a date with the Arctic Circle on the summer solstice (7:59 PM Eastern Time, June 20, 2008), where for only 1 day the sun does not set. 
 The goal was to get a sunburn in my speedo, smoke a cigar and get drunk off my whiskey to celebrate the birthday of Summer. 
 It was a tough 4 week journey both physically and mentally, with everything from crashing the bike to losing all my money in a poker game and living off of nothing and tenting in an unforgiving land " 

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... go and get it ... here , you sucka ..

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