29 March 2007

Carburetor Dung II

“OLD” car ownership ~ PART II

Say it again?..

~Why go thru all the hassle of owning “old” vehicle while there are loads and loads of new vehicle out there in the market and tons of choices? ~

The ‘Smell’, the ‘Feeling’ and the ‘Essence’ of driving one!

And don’t forget the “simplicity” of them.
No ‘ECU-controller’ and what whatever-electronic-devices

Just to move the seat forward & backward ~ you need some electronic devices to help you?? Come on…..

I imagine just one scenario:
‘Daddy owns a “bullet-proof-and-also-missile-cannot-shoot-in” BMW, and that’s his daily driven vehicle,..

One day, mummy’s car breakdown [cant switch on the headlamps because of the faulty ECU unitsssss…]

Mummy wanna drive daddy’s Bimmer and try to adjust the seat forward so she can have better control of the bullet-proof Bimmer…….

Taaa-Daaa!!!... The seat won’t move at a flick of the switch… heh.

Three Choices ~
One - Either daddy send mummy ( but how ‘bout next, next days as mummy’s car in w/shop?) or
Two – Mummy wear an extended wood attached to the high heels or
Three – Also send the Bimmer to workshop to repair the switch.

Daddy decided to send the Bimmer to the W/shop to repair, for convenient sake ~

Well, here’s what the mechanic reply ~

“Sorry sir, I think you have a faulty ECU and the device is not reading the signal from the switch. So, the ECU cannot send the signal back to the seats, sir”

“You have to replace the ECU and that’ll be $4500 just to move your wife forward & backward” HEH!

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