30 March 2007

Carburetor Dung III

~ Buy Now and You’ll ‘PAY’ Later ~

Let me take you for a simple tour of the vehicle market

“What you are about to read are not-affiliated to any car dealers and its industries ~ the writer interests ranging from sneakers to watches, collectors’ toys to DJs, classic cars to the fuel-smells from their carburetors. The writer speaks only for his bitter self”

There are so many new vehicles in the market now. So many choices, so many models, so many versions, so many specs, just so-so-so many. If those manufacturers are given the permissions (probably they do have) to do so, there is a new model ‘popping’ out from these manufacturers at an interval of 3 to 6 months!

Here you decided to buy a new vehicle, surveyed around looking at different brands and models, compare-compare pricing and trying to get a loan for the vehicle of your choice, probably loan approval takes a month or two. Once approved, went to the showroom to drive the-newly-purchased-monthly-payment-for-the-next-seven-years-loan vehicle home.

The next minute you drove out from the showroom, there is a ‘newer-version-same-brand’ vehicle to be launched next week. And the best thing is, the same salesperson trying to sell you another one! So-called the newer version!

“Hey…! I haven’t even paid my first installment yet!!”

Sorry Dude, your vehicle is considered the ole’ model now!!

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