09 November 2009

Bud's New Bike, Nite light, One heckuva slow ride ..

As usual, I couldn't make it to the set venue/place for the particular night ride.
It's a Sat-nite, mostly on a Sat-nite, I'll do the solo.

But tonight I'll have to skip the solo-thing. The reason is because someone's got a new 'baby'.
It's a 'boy', I guessed...

Bring on the Cigar!!!!

Ed couldn't take the temptation anymore,
'shot' himself,
went and get himself a brand-new-spanking Yam- XJ6 ( totally given up his double-throttle-flapping-system idea on the old 1100) ( check previous posting)

Nearly midnight, met up with him, went for a break-in ride ...
.. Slow....

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