26 April 2007


" YOU ARE .... ??"

"What you are about to read are not-affiliated to any car dealers and its industries ~ the writer interests ranging from sneakers to watches, collectors’ toys to DJs, classic cars to the fuel-smells from their carburetors. The writer speaks only for his bitter self”

There is an ole’ “pop” quiz that goes something like this;
‘What’s bloody looong when you are young but getting’ shorter and shorter when you are older’

Your parents probably gone thru a hard and hectic time, arguments, scan thru lotsa reference books to find a suitable name for you and probably the name will matches you and your identity.

They have given you the name of Edison-so and so, just in case one day you will invent some stuff for the benefit of mankind.Give you the name of Einstein-what and what so you will probably comes up with some calculations formulae to cure the bird-flu or maybe the name of Yuri or Armstrong-this and that so one of these days you will put your foot down on Mars.

But come to think of it, do you ever appreciate those names they have given you?
How often have you used your name-in-full?

Maybe when you are in kiddy-school where the teacher calls your name in full? Or maybe during you fill in those government forms or maybe those endless applications forms of credit cards and loans? Other than the mentioned, I think throughout your whole life on earth, the times you have actually use the full-name, say ONLY 200 times? Have you ever wonder?

I have a friend whose given name is [original name withheld to cover identity]
Mohammed Abdul Karim Jaabar Abdul Malik Saiful Bakhri Naziruddin Bin something-something.
Maybe his parents have a vision of one day; he will be as famous as the US basketball legend. But instead he tells his entire friends that his name is…………..G-Bob.

What does G-Bob have to do with the beautiful name that has given to him by his parents? I don’t see any similarity and link there. So, what’s his sis name? G-String?

Some vehicles really have funny names and sometimes it matches its ‘looks’ and sometimes it’s totally ‘out’.

Ever wonder what’s with Toyota and its ‘C’s?
We have the Cressida, Corona, Carina, Celica, Caldina, Corolla, Camry and Crown.

Then they probably headed over and started building cars in South-East Asia and what? They came out with some cars with animals' names on them.

From the 'Land-Of-Million-Smiles' comes the 'Fortuner'
Try to press your nose and read the words below with some drag at the end and you will definitely sounds exactly like how they pronounced it there, where it’s produced.

Then we have the GreatLand with Great walls, with a vehicle called Sing. We knew that people in the GreatLand like to do a little bit of ‘karaoke’ here and there, spitting all over and endlessly burning tobaccos…... But to named a vehicle Sing? You tell me….

From the GreatLand also came a vehicle named Landmark. We knew very well that the Greatland produced and manufactured a lot of ‘Designer’s-goods’. No doubt they have,
Lolek, Goodchi, Adibas, Geevanchi, L-Vee and NiteKee.

Even the car logo have ‘designer’ similarity too,… hmmmmmm ….

click on both pics to check the logo similiarity

From the land of ‘winter-sonata’ came a vehicle that’s called ‘Shuma’.
I was tempted to buy it because I believed I would immediately transform myself to Michael ‘Schuma’cher of the F1 fame….

But I was sad once I knew I have been mislead by it…. Hai……..

We also have a new vehicle that slot in between Boxster and the 911.
Its faster than the Boxster and slower than the Nine-Eleven on papers and on the tracks.

………… its called the Cayman, does it sounds like Gay-man?
Enuff’ said.

As we now know names are really-really important.

I've just watched a movie a few nights ago. It’s a movie about a bunch of soldiers running up the beach gettin' killed.

It was directed by Steven Spillbag and think its called 'Shaving Private Ryan’s privates'

..... HEH...

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