23 April 2007


“WANNA BE …. “

“What you are about to read are not-affiliated to any car dealers and its industries ~ the writer interests ranging from sneakers to watches, collectors’ toys to DJs, classic cars to the fuel-smells from their carburetors. The writer speaks only for his bitter self”

I don’t know whether I am an idiot or a social-retard, and probably.., sad to say…. I am. I don’t meant by I am mentally disabled and don’t know what to do with situations but there are something that I just couldn’t figured out sometimes.

I was introduced to a friend of a friend (who just finished her studies abroad) some time back saying that she is so and so and I am who and who and then came the most terrifying part of all introductions…. The ‘acknowledgement’.

Honestly, I am happy with a firm handshake and a ‘nod’ is good enough for me.
But all these didn’t happened, she leant forward and I thought she didn’t hear my name properly and I lifted my hand ready for a handshake and repeated my name again.
The fact is, she actually wanted to hug me and do the ‘cheek-cheek-kiss-kiss’ thing.

I am so retarded.., how do you do this actually...? Light kisses on her left-right cheek or just my cheek against her left-right cheek while kissing the air?

Well, on another occasion, I met a friend who is also just happened to be back from abroad. I am not sure he went for a long holidays or a few days trip or whatsoever...
The minute we met…, he lifts his hand and showed me a fucking fist!!!

Did I owe him any money? Or have I offended him in any way, I was thinking hard…

OH! Actually not…. He wants me to connect my fist to his fist…, I seeee….!!!
What after that… Do I have to continue our ‘connection’ with some fingers-dancing thing?
And then the shoulder-shoulder thing?

I will definitely have to remember these...…
With female; I do the cheek-cheek-kiss-kiss thing,
And with male; I have to do the fist-connection and the fingers-dancing thing.

OH, For FUCK sake!! Where is the Traditional-Confident-FIRM handshake?? !!

Well, that brings me to the wanna be….

We will start with Jaguar MK2 and the Mitsuoka Viewt
Just look at the pictures below:



The Viewt is so ugly and no matter how hard they tried, it don’t even comes near to the look of the MK2. Not even worth mentioning. Can’t even beat the curves and lines of the beautiful Jaguar.

I don’t even bother to pop the hood of the Viewt and look whats underneath even tho we know it’s probably powered by the Nissan Micra 1000/1300 liters engine.
No wonder we don’t have that many on Brunei roads….

Then came the TD2000 and the MG TD....

1951 MG TD


No doubt for this vehicle, the similarity are very near but once you pop the hood the TD2000 is using a 3S-FE engine basically found in the 1986 – 1990 Toyota Celica.

It’s all up to you my friend…, you want the real deal or the wanna-be clone.

Just look at Mr Westwood or Westbound or-whatever….

Tall white man with his baggy pants and big shirt.
Moving and pointing his hand and fingers all over when he is talking and always ends up with….….

“……… we gonna pimp your ride ………………….UK styleeeeeee...”

No matter how hard he tried…. He’s not gonna be X-zibit !!! HEH.


Sylvia said...

While you're on the topic of wannabes, just to share with you, in France they do the kiss-kiss thing 4 times!! 2 times per cheek! nuts huh??

carburetorman said...

So How? they always comes up with stuffs like these...
eg: ;like the 'french kisses'.. heh

shagg said...

ahhhh...mr westwood...more like southwood i reckon...a real plonker he is...hahahahaha,i made the same comments anout him but i still watch pimp my ride uk...hahahaha

carburetorman said...

Yea.... real bollocks!!

Taneya Leong said...

LOL! Amusing & funny. I enjoyed reading this...